Can you get another one for free from the mining camp

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Can you get another one for free from the mining camp

I spent a hell of a long time at RS gold mta before understanding what efficiency was. Got just like 3 master wands in addition to B2P, and even wasted nearly all of my bonus on bxp#1 on mta. Anyway, here are a few things to keep in mind. Telekinetic is the slowest, and fairly bad xp too. There are only a few potential maze configurations, so you might want to memorize the quickest methods to complete each. Don't try telegrabbing in the corner of a maze, you have to be on a side.

They will always be in this order, clockwise. For example if you find an Emerald in one, a R long is definitely 1 cupboard clockwise, and Addy kite is 2 counterclockwise, etc.. Ignore the green arrow and go for highest gp return. Enchanting is the best XP. With lv6, it is better xp compared to alching. Don't forget to use a combination staff to store runes. Graveyard is rather annoying. I would recommend bringing an EE,"Expensive Spices", and food, and never eating peanuts. Tele out in the event that you need to secure more food.

I am thinking of Purchasing a Cannon. However, I really don't know much about them other than what that dwarf told me in the end of the quest. It looks useful, but I am wondering if there aren't a lot of exclusions to where it can be used so it's pretty useless most of the time. Not...

For one, you know how things you drop"evaporate" after a couple of minutes? Does the same thing happen into a cannon? I.e., if you put it up and let it stay shooting, will it evaporate after a few minutes? Or can be a cannon follow special rules it does not evaporate and will remain put uintil the owner picks it up again? Also, if you play RS for an hour or two at a time, you can depend on the server having to log in to a different world.

Do you shed your cannon if that happens? Can you get another one for free from the mining camp north of Fally? Likewise, if you die, does the cannon remain where you put it so that you can return and get it? Or does this enter your gravestone? Or do you lose it? Will the cannon be replaced for free by this dwarf? Regardless of what the conditions? I realize that this is really hard, so even an estimate to the nearest 25 or even 50K will be great. I want to locate this out as I wish to pre-buy all of my cannonballs, because I have come to the end it buy OSRS gold will save me a whole lot in the long term.