A fantastic pair of armour concerning prayer bonus

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A fantastic pair of armour concerning prayer bonus

Something cool: This is RS gold off topic but me and Tcmp have been in crimson jack clan wars just walking around. I then wandered away and Hunam Safe arrived and kill me! I'm prob. in his vid now. I had my gilded helm with me I protected. After I banked my helm, I went in, and found that Hunam was attacking Tcmp but Tcmp was not attacking!

I had nothing on me I started attacking Hunam so Tcmp could operate. He Barraged me then turned back to Tcmp. With about half hp left, I switched to Hunam again, once I had been unfrozen, then assaulted him . While he froze me and killed me, Tcmp had the time to operate. Then Human swore in celebrities. I stored Tcmp and prob.

What should I train ? My main obj is to get 75 atk, for my bgs, also 80 str. Do not suggest slayer. . Its crap exp. . For me anyhow. Do not use a BGS. The whip outperforms the BGS, and in the event that you truly need a weapon update buy a CR. Ghouls are fine xp for your level, manageable with only the cost of some lobsters, I used to use ghouls before slayer. I understand your not asking for a gear suggestion thread, but you can also utilize barrows gloves. I got them at your combat level, not quite hard. The regen brace does barely anything. And don't say your not doing the quest because of the reqs, I did all the reqs and they were very simple to get. I have got a private training spot that not many people use. I have just seen one manual for this, and that's on a different fansite. They are called Zombie Monkeys, and they're on Ape Atoll. You can find them just below the fighter guards. Now, here's what you'll need to train: A good training weapon. Whip for attack, and a Sara Sword for advantage, I'd say would be suitable for you.

A fantastic pair of armour concerning prayer bonus. Proselyte rather than barrows, although if you had, say, a soulwars cape and bandos then that would be appropriate too:D. A salve amulet, preferably (e). That is why this is buy osrs gold paypal great xp. Teleport into ape atoll unlocked, a teleport to an altar and rear into ape atoll (ardougne cloak functions nicely as it also has a prayer bonus). Lots of prayer potions, a holy wrench, a combat familiar that gets you the type of xp you desire.